At Holy Faith Convent Penal we are aware of the challenges our students and their families face during this crisis.  In light of this, we have developed a Remote Learning Plan, using online platforms to connect with our students, keeping them engaged. Together with the Ministry of Education, we are also working feverishly to assist those without internet access and devices. Please note that the focus for our online teaching will mainly be revision and reinforcement as we do not want our students without devices to be left behind.Term III work will begin for all students when it has been deemed safe to return to school.

While we recognize some of the major challenges surrounding online teaching, we are also discovering that it is also changing the landscape of Teaching and Learning. Please view the following guidelines which will assist you and your daughter during this process.




          Log in early to the chat room so you can familiarize yourself with the live chat environment.

         Mute your microphone when not speaking to avoid audio feedback.

         Choose a distraction free area of your home for your online classes.

          If you are experiencing connectivity, hardware or other issues resulting in your online absence, please communicate this to your teacher when you are able to do so.

         Adhere to the timelines given by your teacher for the completion and submission of assignments.

         For written communication explain your ideas clearly and concisely using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Always proofread before posting.

         Avoid typing in capital letters, it indicates anger and do not use abbreviations such as b/c and LOL.

         Keep your posting courteous, respecting your teachers’ and classmates’ points of view.

         Students are not allowed to activate cameras during any online session.

         Students are not allowed to record sessions using any device (this is an infringement of privacy and the copyright act).

         Remember Students :

CYBERBULLYING (creating memes, dissemination of pornographic or any other inappropriate material, misrepresentation of someone, whether it be teacher or student to defame their character is against the law.)



          Familiarize yourself with your daughter’s ONLINE TEACHING AND LEARNING TIMETABLE.

         Begin and end the day by checking-in with your daughters. Ask questions such as: What subjects do you have today? Do you have any assessments or assignments? What resources do you need? and Did you encounter any difficulty today?

         Help your daughters “own” their learning by encouraging and motivating them

         Supervise your daughter’s use of the technology and internet searches. Limit the amount of time they spend online

         Look after your daughter’s health and well-being by ensuring they have breaks, drink sufficient water, eat healthy meals and are not stressed and anxious.

         Monitor and supervise all online teaching sessions to ensure safe and responsible use of the platform.








Google Classrooms

Microsoft Teams


We thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we partner with you in ensuring your daughters are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies.



Referenced the Revised National Schools Code of Conduct

Several online sources including School’s policy guidelines and Netiquette guidelines.